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Saturday, 4 November 2017

Stay fit in old age

When people start getting old, in most case, they start facing health problems. Though this is very common but if neglected this may turn out to be alarming. To make the ‘second innings’ of your life blissful you need to seriously start making small but significant changes in your lifestyle.
Old Age solution provides you with some useful tips to make your life happy and healthy: -

1. Follow your Passion: - You spend your whole life just to earn bread and butter for your family and never really think about yourself. A person never retires from his/her responsibilities towards his/her family. But, when you get retired from your employment, you have that time when you can follow your passion, pursue your dream. When you start following your passion you are born again and find new energy in yourself. It improves your mood, you sleep well, and you are excited and energized for a new day. Just do what you wanted to do like Go for an adventure, Become the artist you always wanted to be, or become a member of any club and devote yourself to a cause.

2. Change the Eating habits: - When people are young they eat whatever they want sometimes because of a necessity/situation or because that tastes good. At that age the digestive system is strong but in the old age things do not remain the same. You have to change your eating habits and drink more water, eat green vegetables, fruits and fibrous whole grains and cut down on meat consumption.

3. Stay Fit: - Staying healthy and keeping your body fit should be your priority. There are some basic exercises which you can do at any age like Morning walk and Evening walk, Yoga, Stretching of body etc.

4. Stress: - This can be a real dampener. This affects mind and body in the worst ways possible. There are many ways to avoid stress and live a healthy, happy live. For that you need to keep yourself occupied, follow your passion, change your dream and/or join groups of people of your age group. Be socially active and explore interesting places. You may follow these simple tips to change your life and to beat the stress.

5. Leave bad habits: - Many people fall for bad habit such as smoking and drinking, very easily and then find it difficult to come out of these or quit these habits. Later, it becomes the main cause of declining health and other worries. If you do not quit these habits in time then it might become the main health issue.

6. Regular check up: - There are some healths concerns that are not in your hand and to prevent these, it is essential that you visit the doctor every month for a regular health check up.  This helps in a ‘big way’!

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