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Monday, 25 March 2013

Unique recreation centre for elderly comes up in Nagpur

If you thought the only way of socializing for the elderly was meeting at religious gatherings or dull card houses, think again. A one-of-its-kind short stay home cum recreation centre has come up in the middle of the city in the form of Golden Bliss Paradise at Sadar's Prestige Nursing Home.

The aim is to provide a home where the elderly can stay for short periods, interact with people of their age group and indulge in activities they enjoy. Moreover, it has been constructed in an elderly-friendly way with anti-skid floors, breakable doors with opaque glasses, call bells near beds and in bathrooms, railings and ramps. Being attached to a hospital, the health needs of the members will also be taken care of.

"It had been a long cherished dream of my wife Dr Abha and me to make this kind of a home. The third floor of my hospital had been vacant for over two decades for this project. I am happy that my son Dr Ankur had helped me complete it," said Dr Anil Jain, owner of the hospital.

With increasing number of nuclear families, life expectancy and youngsters living away from home, the elderly need some place to themselves among people of their age, believed Dr Ankur, proprietor of the home. "It is not just about sad stories. Sometimes, the elders in the family may not be up for an outing that the younger ones are keen on or may just want to be on their own for a while, doing things they enjoy," he said.

"We do not encourage the concept of residential old age homes, therefore this home is for short-term stays. However, there is a need to do away with the stigma attached to such shelters as it can be out of choice or convenience that the residents live there," said Dr Ankur.

Other than the physical health, the mental fitness of the residents will also be taken care of by means of outings, meditation, puja, reading and games.

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  1. I really congratulate from my heart in going through the details and purpose of opening the elderly home. I feel it will fill up the vacuum in the solitary life. Such efforts can help in maintaining the low mortality rate and a long life to enjoy with the world. R K Nanda