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Friday, 7 September 2012

Suggestions to Remain Healthy

 To remain healthy in old age, control your weight, blood pressure and diabetes, eat four to six portions of fruit or vegetables daily, do not smoke, avoid salt, drink alcohol in moderation, walk daily, maintain muscle strength and flexibility with exercise and sleep for six or seven hours a night .

  Adopting healthful habits can significantly alter the course of aging and prevent common diseases.   Here are some suggestions to remain healthy in old age:

 * Drink enough water:  It cleanses your body machinery and helps your heart in functioning well. Drinking of enough water will keep away chances of kidney stone and urine problem. It will also keep you looking young and active along with natural glow on your face.

 * Exercise regularly:  Vigorous physical activity may stop you from looking and feeling old, it may even help you live longer. Whether you're 30, 60 or 90, endurance enables you to do what you want to do. A study by McMaster University researchers has shown that there is no substitute for exercise when it comes to keeping old age at bay. Research from Tel Aviv University has found that endurance exercises like a jog or spinning class can make us look younger. Exercise unlocks the stem cells of our muscles. These exercises increase the number of muscle stem cells and enhance their ability to rejuvenate old muscles. Endurance exercises also improve the levels of 'spontaneous locomotion' — the feeling that tells our bodies to just get up and dance. Ageing is typically associated with a reduced level of spontaneous locomotion.

 * Well balanced diet: Well-balanced diet plays a very important part in keeping you healthy in old  age. Avoid taking rich food like sweets, high stuffed and fried.  You should add calcium rich diet as it will strengthen your bones. Add fruits, vegetables and greens in your daily diet to maintain your health in old age. 

 * Be happy and engage in recreational activities:  During old age, Factors like social isolation, low income and depression affect health in old age. Loneliness is a common problem in old age and leads to related problems. During this time, it becomes all the more important for seniors to take on some activity which occupy their time.

  * Exercise your brain by participating in mentally stimulating activities such as reading, writing, doing puzzles and play to learn the Chess Game.

 * Keep your eyes and ears fit by regular checkup.  Vision and hearing tests by specialists should be a regular part of your anti-aging plan. Sight-threatening diseases that are more common with age, including cataracts, glaucoma and macular degeneration can be controlled or halted if caught early. Hearing loss, the third most common chronic condition can contribute to cognitive decline, depression and social isolation,    To reduce your risk of eye disease, avoid tobacco smoke, wear sunglasses, maintain a healthy weight and control high blood pressure and blood sugar levels. To reduce the risk of hearing loss, consider using earplugs in noisy places.

 * Check your BP: Always contact with your doctor to keep blood pressure, blood sugar and cholesterol levels under control even as you get into your 70s and beyond.

 * Control your overweight. You should be especially vigilant against creeping weight gain. Obesity is the gateway to many ailments, such as heart diseases, diabetes and arthritis.

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