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Friday, 3 August 2012

Common Health Problems in Old Age

It is no secret that as you get older your health starts to go, so whether you are planning for your own old age or looking out for your parents or grandparents, it is smart to plan for health issues. Having made it this far, every senior deserves to have the best possible healthcare and support. It can mean the difference between a healthy and happy final few years and a stressful and unhappy situation. The following are some of the most common health problems that people are likely to experience in old age.


It is amazing how often you use your joints in an average day, so it is no surprise that by the time a person gets to old age, arthritis becomes an issue. Almost everyone will experience some kind of pain or discomfort in the joints of their hands, feet, ankles, shoulders or some other joints in their body. Those who used their hands for work are often the most seriously affected. Various remedies are available, ranging from massage to creams to acupuncture. Some treatments can be expensive, so having good health insurance can prove to be essential.

Fading Vision

Eyes weren’t meant to last forever, and no matter how many carrots you have eaten in your life, chances are that your vision will start to fail as you age. As your vision grows worse, you will need to keep replacing your prescription, which is definitely not cheap, making your optometry bills among the biggest expenses that you will need to cover.


Getting older invariably means slowing down, and losing your ability to run around, so don’t be surprised when you are no longer able to outrun your kids or take part in those half-marathons. Often older people need to use a cane or even a wheelchair, although others are able to get by just by slowing right down. Wheelchairs can be extremely expensive, so if you need to get one but are struggling to afford it, talk to your life-insurance provider. Some policies will allow you to withdraw money from your policy value, so that you can pay for health-related bills like these.

Mental Health Issues

Not everyone stays as sharp as a tack throughout their entire life, and it is really common for elderly people to develop dementia or Alzheimer’s. Having issues with mental health in old age is hard for both the person and their family, and it can mean spending significant amounts of money on both medication and round-the-clock healthcare.
Getting older can be scary even if you are in good health. Having the ability to deal with any health issue that may come up will help ease the mind of any person entering the twilight of their life. Insurance can play a hugely supportive role as you enter your senior years, so make sure that you are ready to deal with the effects of aging.


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